Sir Hippo’s 2018 Gift Guide

Have a holiday hippo that I stole from the internet

Hello mysterious holiday pal! Also anyone else reading this out of curiosity. Not that I have done that for other Secret Santa participants, of course...

Hopefully, shopping for me should be pretty easy! I absolutely love all forms of collectible garbage. If it is a thing that I can display, and its design is based on something I like, I will most certainly enjoy it. If you’d rather go the t-shirt route, I am a men’s XXL. Used to be an XL, but what can ya do.


As far as which series I enjoy most, just about anything from Nintendo will do. I am particularly fond of Zelda, Pokémon, and Fire Emblem. I’d like to quickly note that I have pretty close to every amiibo, so those might not be a great pick. Other game series I love include Borderlands, Overwatch, and Far Cry (with Far Cry 3 being one of my favorite games ever).

If you’re more into anime, my favorite shows are Konosuba, No Game No Life, Hunter x Hunter, Madoka Magica, and RWBY (if you count it :P). 

Not a gaming or anime person? My favorite shows and movies are Firefly, Lord of the Rings, Mad Max Fury Road, and Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

I think that should be enough to go on. Honestly I’ll be thrilled to get absolutely anything, I love the spirit of the holiday season immensely. Have a nice day, and happy holidays!

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